PPBN, Holland joins FIPPA

FIPPA President Victor Moscatel visits Amsterdam

FIPPA President Victor Moscatel visited Amsterdam on 30th October to meet with representatives of Pitch en Putt Bond Nederlandse (PPBN) to discuss PPBN's recent membership of EPPA and FIPPA and plans for the future. In a short ceremony at the Strand Horst course, Maurice Stuyvers, on behalf of the PPBN, accepted the FIPPA flag from Victor.

Read Victor's message of welcome to PPBN below.

"Welcome back! We are so happy and grateful to have you back at FIPPA.

I am confident that you return to FIPPA with renewed enthusiasm and vigour.

As we prepare to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our first European Team championship, we recognize the formative events that helped make FIPPA the wonderful organisation that it is today. We also look forward with excitement to the future as we pursue our vision to develop Pitch and Putt as a viable international sport.

The Dutch team were an integral part of that inaugural 1999 European Team championship in Chelmsford and of many international events since then. We've all missed you, and all of the FIPPA members have been anxious for your return.

When I began my tenure as FIPPA President—almost five years ago—it was my goal to build on that tremendous foundation to make FIPPA a thriving multinational sporting organisation. I am extremely pleased to be able to say that we are well on our way and PPBN’s membership of FIPPA is a massive boost.

I am determined to oversee a modern FIPPA organisation, taking on board a variety of 21st century communication technologies (such as our website and our Facebook and Twitter feeds) to keep associations, affiliated clubs and moreover players in touch with news about our game irrespective of where the game is played, locally, nationally or internationally. .

Earlier this year, in addition to celebrating an extensive programme of events in Europe, we participated in the Fernando Morgado Trophy, hosted by the Federaciòn Chilena de Pitch & Putt.

As a result of dedicated effort on the part of so many, sustained South American development will come to fruition during 2019 and the following years. Indeed, the first Brazilian Open is scheduled for March 2019. .

2019 will start with great promise of even greater accomplishments for FIPPA. It will see the continuation of our efforts to help develop Pitch and Putt in Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, Croatia, New Zealand,, Japan and elsewhere. The experience and expertise of established organisations such as PPBN will be an integral part of those efforts.

This is just the beginning of many transformative changes that will project FIPPA as the leading Pitch and Putt organisation. It is my overriding priority to consolidate our position as the top independent Pitch and Putt organisation in the world. To achieve this aim, we must anticipate the many forces of change that will define world sport in the decades to come—from new and exciting scientific opportunities to a changing funding landscape. I hope that you will all feel inspired to participate in these efforts. .

Our Pitch and Putt players remain among the very best in the world. The return of the Dutch players will add considerable lustre to our FIPPA events, and the competition will be fiercer than ever. The involvement of the top Dutch players will undoubtedly help us achieve our vision of an annual circuit of successful international opens and championships. All of these events, championships and competitions benefit our Pitch and Putt community and promote a wonderful camaraderie among our players and our members associations.

We will continue to deploy novel and rigorous approaches to Pitch and Putt development. FIPPA has a unique role to play as an open space to convene all relevant parties involved in improving Pitch and Putt around the world. We continue to be dedicated to making plans and initiatives that strengthen our Pitch and Putt community, create an environment for our players to pursue their passions and position our organisation for future success.

Please continue to check the website ( and our Facebook and Twitter feeds in the coming months for information about our activities and the upcoming events.

Thank you for all that you do to make PPBN such a thriving community of Dutch Pitch and Putt. Again, I wish to take this opportunity to welcome you back to FIPPA. Your diverse areas of expertise will build upon the remarkable dedication to excellence and friendship that characterizes our Pitch and Putt community. .

I very much look forward to a rich and rewarding relationship ahead, and wish to take this opportunity to invite you to look ahead and seek to engage with the opportunities and challenges facing Pitch and Putt today. I invite you to learn more about our efforts and share your comments and ideas. We would like to engage our Pitch and Putt community in the master planning process and help assess how we currently use our resources in the effort to guide this growth. .

We will continue to try to find new ways to guide our future growth and development. PPBN’s membership will help us reinforce our commitment to becoming a progressive, better, inclusive and ever more vibrant organisation. .

This is an exciting time in the life of FIPPA as we engage the opportunities and challenges facing sporting organisations. I am honoured to be a part of such a remarkable and talented Pitch and Putt community. .

You have my very best wishes.

Victor Moscatel
FIPPA President"


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