II Norwegian Open

Course description by Bernt Kristian Nerland

The 2019 Norwegian Open will be played at the Byrne Kro course from May 10th/12th. See the attachment below for full details. All entries must be made by FIPPA associations using this link 

Here's a detailed course description by Bernt Kristian Nerland, local player and former Norwegian champion.

The first hole measures 26 metres and is a simple hole, but with a slope to the right in the front and a hard green it is not easy to get the ball to stop on the green. Furthermore, holes 2 and 3 are quite straightforward if you just land the ball on the right side of the hole. No. 4 is a tricky little hole as there is water in front of the green. The green is just over the slope, so you can face some problems.

Hole 5 is blind but it is a pretty good hole to score well on. Hole 6 is a monster of a hole. The evil 6th! The hole is located on a plateau 4-5 metres above the tee and with a small and hard green. A good pitch will get the ball to stop on the green, but if you are too aggressive and miss the green you will need your wedge and face a long chip (maybe 10-15 metres) back up to the green again. There are many good players who have left this green with a high scores. It is also difficult to read the green's undulations.

Hole 7 is a nice Pitch and Putt hole. You pitch down to a clear, multi-level plateau green. With mounds in front and water hazards behind, you will still need to be precise.. Hole 8 is easy enough, but here’s a ‘caddie’ tip. “Stay right and do not leave it short.” The 9th is the longest hole at 60 metres and is played down to a blind green. The green has two plateaux and the pitch needs to be struck with a little stop on the ball, otherwise it might take off and roll far into the water hazard at the back right of the green.





Catalan Open 2019

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European Club's Cup

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