French Cup

Win for Toulouse

Fifteen teams of four (one of which must be a lady or a junior) gathered at Port Bourgenay on 22/23 October. They travelled from all over France (from the Loire valley to the Atlantic Ocean) to contest the third French Cup for club teams.  Two days of intense competition ensued in  this CPPF organised event, which attracted a number of  French international team members.  The youthful Toulouse Seilh team (who made their debut in the event) emerged victorious and earned the plaudits from all participants for their talent and sportsmanship.

Final podium: 1. Toulouse Seilh. 2. Port Bourgenay. 3. Nantes Erdre.

The CPPF especially congratulated the Director of Port Bourgenay Bernadette Burgaud and her team for the welcome and the quality of the course. Thierry Gendreau expertly organised the event. All participants deserve great credit for the sportsmanship displayed right through the event.


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