Four Irish administrators honoured

Tributes to Frank Smith (RIP), Eamonn Birchall (RIP), Billy Lynch and John Manning

FIPPA decided to pay tribute, in the framework of the Irish Open 2018 and the VII International Challeng,e to four people from Ireland who have contributed to the development of the Pitch and Putt worldwide.

Honoured were

  • Frank Smith (RIP) former President of FIPPA and EPPA
  • Eamonn Birchall (RIP) who held many positions in the PPUI , who regularly attended international competitions and who was one of the drafters of the FIPPA Rulebook
  • William Lynch, stalwart of Royal Meath where he organized 2012 World Cup, 2009 Irish Open and who has also contributed to worldwide Pitch and Putt.
  • John Manning, Webmaster of and the person responsible for social networks such as FIPPApitch

FIPPA has decided to pay tribute to other people coinciding with competitions held in a future.

Thank you all for your work for Pitch and Putt.


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