III World Strokeplay Championship

Latest list of confirmed participants..

The 2017 World Strokeplay championship will be hosted by the NPPF (Norges Pitch and Putt Forbund) at the Imjelt course near Drammen, Norway.  The championship will be played on the weekend of July 6-9.

A total of 83 players have now confirmed their participation. See the list here. A limited number of places are still available in the event. Entries should be confirmed with the player's domestic association and sent to Jo G. Brand of NPPF. Participants are asked to confirm their arrival times and shirt size to Jo G. Brand as soon as possible.

The championship logo and poster, event itinerary and relevant logistical information are attached.

The qualifying criteria for the event are attached below. Also attached is the Imjelt World Strokeplay championship course scorecard.

The following players are currently exempt:

John Walsh (Ireland), defending champion
James Rogerson (Australia), 2013 runner-up, 2nd Australian Open 2016
John Deeble (Great Britain), third 2013, British Open winner 2016
Chrissie Byrne (Ireland), defending ladies champion
Amador Rodriguez (Catalonia), senior champion 2013, Catalan Open senior winner 2017
John Ross Crangle (Ireland), 1st World Cup Strokeplay qualifying round 2016, 3rd European Strokeplay championship 2015
Eamon Gibney (Ireland), 2nd World Cup Strokeplay qualifying round 2016, 2nd British Open 2016
Gonzalo Mendoza (Andorra), 3rd World Cup Strokeplay qualifying round 2016
Liam O'Donovan (Ireland), Winner European Strokeplay championship 2015
John Cahill (Ireland), 2nd European Strokeplay championship 2015
Esther de Schiffart (Holland), Winner European Ladies Strokeplay championship 2015, ladies winner FIPPA (Koudum) Open 2016
Pacelli Darcy (Ireland), Winner European Seniors (over 55s) Strokeplay championship 2015, winner Irish Senior Open 2016, Catalan Open senior winner 2016
Frank Dineen (Ireland), Winner Irish Open 2016
Damien Fleming (Ireland), 2nd Irish Open 2016
Breda Lonergan (Ireland), winner Irish Ladies Open 2016
Rolf Kwant (Holland), winner FIPPA (Koudum) Open 2016
Marcel Ahuis (Holland), 2nd FIPPA (Koudum) Open 2016
Noel Shannon (Holland), senior winner FIPPA (Koudum) Open 2016
Tom Rickit (Australia), winner Australian Open 2016
Helen Angel (Australia), ladies winner Australian Open 2016
Mary Murray (Ireland), British Open ladies winner 2016
Steve Deeble (Great Britain), British Open senior winner 2016
Alejandro Moraga (Chile), Chile Open winner 2016
Guillermo Arancibia (Chile), 2nd Chile Open 2016
Margarita Valenzuela (Chile), Chile Open ladies winner 2016
Daniel Gimenez (Catalonia), Catalan Open winner 2016
Antonio Penalva (Catalonia), 2nd Catalan Open 2016
Pilar Montero (Catalonia), Catalan Open ladies winner 2016
Enric Sanz (Catalonia), Catalan Open winner 2017
Angel Navarro (Catalonia), 2nd Catalan Open 2017
Gloria Ruiz (Catalonia), Catalan Open ladies winner 2017




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