Swiss Championship 2016

Erich Herger wins as SPPA President retires

An official invitation to participate to the 2016 Swiss Championships was sent to nearly all Pitch and Putt, short courses and Driving Ranges in Switzerland. 

A select group attended the event: local club members from Locarno, Ueli Lamm, the holder from St. Moritz and direct SPPA members from Ticino.

In hot summer weather, the championship started by playing three rounds of nine holes– 27 holes Strokeplay.

After then a break for lunch (sponsored by Ueli Lamm), the four best placed players in the Strokeplay played off in a Matchplay contest for the title of the Swiss Pitch and Putt champion 2016.

The four were: Janik Gattlen, Ueli Lamm, Erich Herger and Markus Planzer (all these players have participated to EPPA/FIPPA championships abroad)

Erich Herger is really a good Pitch and Putt player and this time he could also profit from his home course, the course on which he grew up.  Erich Herger defeated Markus Planzer in the final by 4&3.  Janik Gattlen won the 3rd place play-off against Ueli Lamm.

The prize giving ceremony saw awards made to all four Matchplay contestants.  Net prizes were also presented.

A very fit and enthusiastic senior made a “Hole in One”! Ferrucio Albisetti was awarded with a Prosecco bottle to mark that special feat! 

SPPA President Brigitte Albisetti announced at the event that she was standing down after 14 years (to the disappointment of the assembly).  A beautiful flower arrangement was presented to Brigitte on the occasion of her retirement. 

Martin Whitelaw (FIPPA General Secretary) has paid the following tribute to Brigitte.  “we all know what a struggle it has been for Brigitte to nurse SPPA through thick and thin, facing all kinds of obstacles and adversities, to keep the association as a respected member of FIPPA since the beginning ten years ago.  I’m full of admiration of her resilience defending Pitch and Putt in Switzerland for so many years.  All involved with FIPPA are genuinely grateful to her for that, and for her numerous constructive contributions to make FIPPA a better place.”

Mervyn Cooney (Former FIPPA President) added: “I am very aware of the very significant contribution Brigitte made to the promotion of the sport, and I know she made every effort possible to develop pitch and putt in Switzerland.  I was honoured to work with Brigitte in the formative years of the International game, and I wish her the very best in the future."


French Cup

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Wanted: the Swiss Pitch & Putt Champion 2015!

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