Marc Garcia recalls 2010 Catalan Open at Sant Cebria

The Open of Catalonia returns to Sant Cebrià in 2017. Seven years ago, an 18 year Catalan experienced one of the most memorable weekends of his Pitch and Putt career. Marc Garcia led from start to finish. Rounds of 47, 48 and 53 gave him a three shot victory in the 2010 Catalan Open. Other matters take precedence in Marc Garcia Pinto's life today. caught up with him to find out more.

"I only have good memories of my win at Sant Cebrià," recalls Marc. I remember playing my best game on Saturday and holding the pressure quietly on Sunday. But above all I remember the great weekend that I spent with my father, who accompanied me all the moments."

Marc has been busy in the intervening years since Sant Cebria hosted the Ctalan Open. "In the month of June I will finish the medicine degree. It has been six years of study. Now this is my main objective. Golf and Pitch and Putt will always be there."

He won't be at Sant Cebrià for the XI Catalan Open. "This year I will not defend the title. In the last few years I am not playing or training enough. My priorities at this time are different. I hope to return soon."

His outings on the course have been restricted in recent years. "I don’t play so much Pitch and Putt. I only play interclubs championship events because I play with Franciac's team and we are like a family and they let me play without demanding anything, without conditions."

Marc's brother Jordi is an accomplished professional golfer. He has qualified to play on the Challenge Tour?

"Yes, My older brother did decide to play golf professionally, and this year he is going to play the Challenge Tour. Two years ago he played in the European Tour but he could not keep the target, and now he is working to return to the highest level in the next few years.

Does Marc share that ambition? "When I was younger I shared the same ambition. However, I decided on medicine. Golf can be lived in many ways. I want it to be my hobby and I want to have fun for many years. At this moment I do not play golf. I have played golf all my life and I certainly have golf in my blood, but now for academic reasons I can’t afford it.""

High achivement is a family trait. "Also I have another brother that is a lawyer and also plays golf and Pitch and Putt."

Marc treasures the relationships he has formed through Pitch and Putt. "The truth is that I have very good friends in the Pitch and Putt community. The tournaments that I have played with the Catalan team joined me a lot to some players like Daniel Giménez or Daniel Coleman among others. I do not want to leave anyone out. Specially, I am a member of the Franciac team. The Massaguer family (owners of Franciac) and the whole team are great friends for me."