Matxalen Petralanda - Urduna hosts the inaugural Iberian Teams Open

Urduna (Orduña in the Basque language) course manager Matxalen Petralanda spoke to about her course and the plan for the forthcoming Iberian Teams Open at the new Basque Countty layout.

Q. What were the motivations behind constructing the Urduna course?
Matxalen Petralanda (MP): The new course of Orduña was built to establish a first Pitch and Putt course in Euskadi (Basque Country), that exclusively fulfils the FIPPA criteria. The double objectives are to demonstrate Pitch and Putt as a sport and to show a course model that's more linked with the original Pitch and Putt.

Q. How successful has the venture been?
MP: The opening was at the end of 2016, and so far there has been great acceptance, both from players accustomed to other courses, as well as new players. It is a beginning, and great progress and development is expected.

Q. Tell us about the course.
MP: The course has18 holes, which has two clearly differentiated areas; a comfortable and easy area for the player, where pars and birdies are relatively comfortable, and another more demanding area, where the player must be involved and take risks. Distances between 40 and 76 metres make playing the course a fun, fast and enjoyable game. It's challenging, where even a good Irish, Catalan, or Dutch player should have some difficulties.
In total, the course measures 941 metres. It has dressing rooms with toilet and shower for both men and women, a small reception area, and a covered space for the well-known and praised 19th hole!A small practice ground is already being designed where players can practice before the game. The landscape that surrounds the course is spectacular and unique, in an area with a very benign microclimate.

Q. What can visitors to the Iberia Teams Cup expect?
MP: Visitors and players who come to Orduña will perceive a good atmosphere and a warm welcome. They will visit a course that carries out maintenance with ecological products, and with a respect for the environment. Players who attend the first Iberian Team Open will find a very challenging course, in line with a good FIPPA course, in a very pleasant area. It's an area with great resources and attractions of high culinary value, and cheerful and honest people. We'll have a lot of fun, typical of this country where there is a saying, "drinking and eating is a great pleasure". As well as playing Pitch and Putt, visitors will experience restaurants, bars, attractive accommodations and high tourist attractions. Bilbao, with its Guggenheim Museum, and a model of transformed tourist city, is close by and it has become increaingly popular in the international tourist panorama.

Q. What will the weather be like in May?
MP: In May, the weather is very pleasant, with an average temperature between 16 and 22 degrees, and with a very reduced percentage of rainy days.

Q. Is there a local team that will do well in the Iberia Teams Cup?
MP: Local players may present a risk to the visiting players, but, the playing level of other countries, is generally still higher than the level of teams in the Basque Country.