Conchi and Kike win Mixed at Tambre

World Mixed Pairs champions Conchi Carballo and Enrique Rama gave this reaction to

Q. How much did you enjoy the World Pairs tournament?

A. Yes, we enjoyed it a lot. There was a good atmosphere between all the players.

Q. Did you like the Tambre course?

A. Tambre is a very technical and varied course. We liked it.

Q. You were one stroke behind overnight Saturday. What was the plan for Sunday?

A. The plan was to start quietly and calmly and make our game as good as possible."

Q. Were there any particular vital moments in Sunday’s round that ensured your victory? 

A. The 13th hole in the final round where they made bogey and we scored birdie. From that moment we felt that we had an opportunity to win.

Q. Which is your favourite - foursomes, singles or fourball? 

A. Foursomes, because we understand each other very well!

Q. Sum up you nearest competitors Esther de Schiffart and Maurits Rangkouw?

A. A very solid couple with a good sense of fair play.

Q. Enrique - two major international wins in a month - you must be very pleased?

A. Yes, I've had very good teammates, and it's always nice to win. That's why we compete.

Q. Conchi - how did this win compare with your Andorra Open success in 2015?

A. The Open was very satisfying, and the world championship a wonderful experience, with the difference that the Open is individual and in the World Championship I have been able to share with Enrique.

Q.What other international events do you plan to play in?

A. We always like to play in the Andorra Open and we are looking at the Slovenia Open, if the dates don't conflict with other commitments.

Conchi and Kike are avowed supporters of the international circuit and would like to thank the organizers, the Catalan Federation and all those who make these events possible.