Ariadna Pallas - Lloret prepares

Girona native Ariadna Pallas is Director of Lloret Pitch and Putt club, host venue for the XIV Catalan Open. She is a regular competitor in FCPP tournaments and championships. Ariadna kindly provided an insight to on preparations for the April 2020 showpiece. (Q.) How excited is the Lloret club to be hosting the 2020 Open?

Ariadna Pallas (A.) We are very happy to be hosting the Catalan Open this year. We think it is a great opportunity to show all the efforts we are making in our daily work to have our Pitch and Putt course in the best condition.

Q. How gratifying is it that so many players will travel from outside Catalonia?

A. This is the most amazing thing, to have players from all around the world. Hosting people means knowing more about their culture, their way of understanding this sport and we want to learn about all of that.

Q. What specific course preparations will be made for the Open?

A. We are already working on it. When you have a competition like the Open all the year is based and organised around that. All the EPPA tees will be renewed and the greens are planned to be at their maximum level. Last year we invested in the practice area, the new changing rooms and the bar. We hope the players will appreciate all of that.

Q. Which hole or holes do you consider will cause most difficulty for the players?

A. This is a tricky question because it depends on how accustomed one is to playing in Lloret. Normally most of the players struggle with numbers 2, 12 and 16; therefore they are my favourites. In my opinion it is more about the (positioning of the) flags than about the holes. However, it is important to practice to make the round less complex. Of course the weather and your luck with other factors will count in the competition, but being familiar with and friendly with Lloret Pitch & Putt will help you a lot.

Q. Lloret de Mar is such an exciting town. What specific local attractions do you recommend for visitors when they are not playing Pitch and Putt?

A. We are in la Costa Brava and we recommend you to visit it and walk around it while you are enjoying the gastronomy of the area. Beaches like Santa Cristina, Cala Boadella, Fenals and Cala Canyelles are always better with some sangria and paella! Discovering the Mediterranean Sea by boat, exploring the botanic gardens and enjoying other sports like kayaking, cycling or tennis-padel will ensure they make the most of their stay. We are organising some activities during the week of the Open and these will be posted on our social networks. If they want to contact us for any questions or suggestions, we will be very happy to help them. 

Q. Which local Lloret players do you expect to challenge for the Open?

A. I hope all of them will be excited about trying their best; you don't play the Open at home every year. And I am sure all of them will make a good impression. Last year Miquel Roger achieved a fantastic fifth position at the Catalan championship (2019), held in Lloret, and our local instructor Toni Enciso is playing very well at the moment. The Open is contested by amazing Pitch and Putt players so we expect a very competitive tournament, played to a very high level and in the best of the atmospheres.