FIPPA - the International Pitch and Putt Federation

FIPPA - the International Pitch and Putt Federation (formerly the Federation of International Pitch and Putt Associations), is the governing body of the sport of Pitch and Putt, created in March 2006 when representatives of 17 Pitch and Putt areas around the world signed their agreement to a Constitution empowering the creation of a global body for the sport. A Board of seven members was elected to work along with a Secretariat and the future of Pitch and Putt was given a sturdy bedrock upon which to build.  FIPPA organises a World Cup of Pitch and Putt along with a World Strokeplay championship and more recently World Pairs and World Seniors events.  It sanctions open international tournaments around the world and facilitates international competition amongst members.

The FIPPA Board 2014-2018:

Victor Moscatel (Catalonia) - President, Myles McMorrow (Ireland) - Vice President, Michael Murphy (Ireland), Jo G Brand (Norway), Rinus Huberts (Holland), Antoni Lloret (Catalonia). Rinus Huberts has since resigned from the Board.

Photo: L-R Antoni Lloret, Jo G Brand, Martin Whitelaw, Victor Moscatel, Myles McMorrow, Rinus Huberts Michael Murphy.

The Board is supported by Secretary General. The Secretariat is based in Barcelona. Postal address - Diputació 274, pral. A, 08009 Barcelona. Phone - 93 342 42 49 - Fax 93 412 16 79

FIPPA Members
  • Ireland  PPUI - Ireland
  • Catalonia  FCPP - Catalonia
  • Netherlands  NPPB - Netherlands - currently under review
  • Norway  NPPA or NPPF - Norway
  • United Kingdom  BPPA - Britain
  • Switzerland  SPPF - Switzerland
  • Australia  APPA - Australia
  • Chile  FCPP - Chile
  • Andorra  AAPP or AACEPP - Andorra
  • Galicia  AGPPA - Galicia
  • France  CPPF - France


Associate Members
  • Euskadi  EPPE - Basque
  • Slovenia PPAS - Slovenia