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Regatas, Peru

Tournament planned for December


FIPPA Calendar 2024

Proposals invited


Catalan International Pairs 2023

Poster and full details released


Catalonia v. Ireland, 20th October

Catalan U16 panel to be announced


WPPT Ireland

Registration is open


Five Nations Tournament 2023

Catalonia beat France 8.5 to 3.5 in final

Inter-County Challenge
Catalan Doubles
NK Strokeplay
“I want to lead a modern organisation, using a variety of 21st century communication technologies to keep associations, affiliated clubs and players in touch with news about our game irrespective of where it is played, locally, nationally or internationally.”
Victor Moscatel, FIPPA President 2014.
“Our primary role is to promote international competition between members. We need to pursue parallel both a marketing policy and a competitions strategy. We need to run quality events, not every weekend but definitely a number annually.”
Mervyn Cooney, FIPPA President 2007.
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September 2023
International Calendar 2023

Below you will find the list of events on the global Pitch and Putt calendar for this year :

  • April 14/16   Catalan Open, HCP1
  • April 28/30   WPPT Catalonia, Lleida
  • May 19/21   Euskadi Open, Urduna
  • June 2/4   Galicia Open, Barbanza
  • June 16/18   Andorra Open Pairs, Xixerella and Ordino
  • July 7/9   Breizh Open, Quiberon
  • July 29/30   Five Nations Tournament, Vallromanes
  • September 29/October 1   Nacho Prada Ourense International Pairs
  • October 13/15   WPPT Ireland, Ring Commons
  • October 20   Catalonia v. Ireland, Montseny
  • October 21/22   Catalan International Pairs, Sant Cebrià
  • November 3/5   WPPT Final, Costa Daurada
  • November 19/20   Australian Open, Wagga Wagga

Nacho Prada Pairs at

Pozo Do Lago

Nacho Prada Pairs at


“We have a small community within the game where most people know each other and always feed ideas to each other. One of the things I would like to see if people could assist in the development of their clubs’ facilities. We have so much expertise within the game who are more than obliging in assisting clubs with their development.”
Paul O'Brien, Ireland.

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Results 2023

  • Three in a row for brilliant Oriol Mas
  • WPPT win for Ireland's Kieran Earls
  • Huge victory margin for Josep Iglesias
  • One stroke win for Ruben Garcia
  • Fourth victory for Gonzalo Mendoza as he and Hugo Fernandez get home by one
  • Yann Le Tallec wins by eight
  • Catalonia 8.5 France 3.5

Featured News


Five Nations Tournament 2023

Catalonia beat France 8.5 to 3.5 in final


V Breizh Open

Yann Le Tallec wins by eight


Andorra International Pairs

Gonzalo Mendoza and Hugo Fernandez win by one


III Galicia Open

Ruben Garcia wins by one stroke on 150


I Euskadi Open

Huge victory margin for Josep Iglesias (Catalonia)


World Pitch & Putt Tour 2023

Ireland's Kieran Earls triumphs by one