Catalonia v. Ireland

Catalonia hosted Ireland in the International Challenge (six ladies and six juveniles) on 20th October 2023 at the Montseny course. Catalonia romped to a comprehensive victory (16.5 to 7.5). The Catalans claimed four and half ladies singles together with three and a half individual juvenile games to clinch their win.

Pairs matches began with Fourballs, after which Catalonia led 5-1. Catalonia won the three juvenile matches and one ladies encounter while the other ladies matches were tied. Ireland won two ladies Greensomes matches while Catalonia grabbed two and a half juvenile points out of three so Catalonia were five ahead overall heading into the singles.

Ladies: Marta Cucurull/Gloria Ruiz beat GerWard/Paula Lynch 4&3; Marta Fuster/Soraya Lassal halved with Breda White/Glenda Hoey; Conchi Carballo/Mª AngelsTaulats halved with Chrissie Byrne/Mary Murray. Catalonia 2 - Ireland 1
Juveniles: Jan Bernet/Clara Martinez beat Brian McCarthy/Ajay Barrett 3&1; Yago Izquierdo/Biel Cababes beat Nathan Cronin/Joe Franklin 2&1; Marti Luja/Nil Artigas beat Peadar O'Toole/JackMcShane 1 hole. Catalonia  3 - Ireland 0

Scotch Foursomes 
Ladies: Marta Cucurull/Gloria Ruiz beat GerWard/Paula Lynch 1 hole; Conchi Carballo/Mª AngelsTaulats lost to Breda White/Glenda Hoey 4&3; Marta Fuster/Soraya Lassal lost to Chrissie Byrne/Mary Murray 3&2. Catalonia 1 - Ireland 2
Juveniles: Jan Bernet/Yago Izquierdo halved with Brian McCarthy/Ajay Barrett; Marti Luja/Clara Martinez beat Nathan Cronin/Joe Franklin 3&2; Biel Cababes/Nil Artigas beat Peadar O'Toole/JackMcShane 5&4. Catalonia  2.5 - Ireland 0.5

Ladies: Gloria Ruiz halved with Ger Ward, Mª AngelsTaulats lost to Chrissie Byrne, Marta Fuster beat Breda White 4&3, Marta Cucurull beat Mary Murray 4&3, Soraya Lassal beat Paula .Lynch 1 hole, Conchi Carballo beat Glenda Hoey 3&2 Catalonia 4.5 - Ireland 1.5
Juveniles: Biel.Cabanes beat Peadar O'Toole 4&3, Clara Martinez beat Nathan Cronin 3&2, Yago Izquierdo beat Brian McCarthy 4&3 Marti Luja halved with Ajay Barrett, Jan Bernet lost to Joe Franklin 1 hole, Nil Artigas lost to Jack McShane 3&2. Catalonia  3.5 - Ireland 2.5

Ladies Overall: Catalonia  7.5 - Ireland 4.5; Juvenile Overall: Catalonia  9 - Ireland 3.

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