European Team Championships

The European Team Championship is the sport's original international team championship, originally played once every two years and now every four years. It's Europe's premier Pitch and Putt event. Starting with 6 teams in 1999 it has now grown into a competition between around 10 teams with others expected to join in when the competition is next held in 2022.


1999 Chelmsford, UK. Won by Ireland
2001 Lloret Papalus, Catalonia Won by Ireland
2003 McDonagh, Ireland Won by Ireland
2005 Arnhem, Netherlands Won by Ireland
2007 Chia, Italy Won by Ireland
2010 Lloret Papalus, Catalonia Won by Catalonia
2014 Xixerella Park, Andorra Won by Catalonia
2018 Urduna, Basque Won by Ireland