European Team Championships

European Team Championship 2014

Catalonia retained the European championship title at Xixerella Park in Andorra. Leading 2-1 after the morning foursomes, the Catalans won three and half singles points to secure a 5.5 to 3.5 verdict over a gallant Netherlands team. The Catalans won the opening afternoon singles (Josep Martinez over Jeroen Huberts) to lead 3-1. However the Dutch fought back to 3-3 after big singles victories by Andorra Open winner Melvin Slaats and Marcel Ahuis. However, vital wins by the experienced Jordi Serra and Dani Gimenez and a halved match for Marc Lloret left the Catalans celebrating their second successive European Team Championship win.

European Championship Final Result: Catalonia 5.5 Netherlands 3.5
3rd/4th place playoff Result: Galicia 5 Andorra 4
5th/6th place playoff Result: France 5 Norway 4
7th/8th place playoff Result: Basque 5 Switzerland 4

European Championship Final Foursomes: Catalonia 2 Netherlands 1
3rd/4th place playoff Foursomes: Andorra 1.5 Galicia 1.5
5th/6th place playoff Foursomes: France 1.5 Norway 1.5
7th/8th place playoff Foursomes: Basque 2 Switzerland 1

Friday Overnight Position

The Catalans and the Dutch will contest the final on Saturday after an exciting day's play at Xixerella. The holders justified top seeding with a last four win over Galicia. The Dutch survived a scare against the hosts, surviving on a countback of the indivdual match margins after a tie on 4.5 each. Galicia and Andorra will now vie for third place. It will be Norway v. France for 5th and 6th while Switzerland and the Basques will play off for 7th and 8th.

Semi-Final Results: Catalonia 7 Galicia 2; Netherlands 4.5 Andorra 4.5 (Netherlands won tiebreak); 5th-8th place Semi-Final Results: Norway 5 Basque 4; France 6.5 Switzerland 2.5.

Semi-Final Foursomes: Catalonia 3 Galicia 0; Netherlands 1 Andorra 2; 5th-8th place Semi-Final Foursomes: Norway 2 Basque 1; France 3 Switzerland 0.

Semi-Final Draw:

Catalonia v. Galicia; Netherlands v. Andorra.  5th-8th place Semi-Final Draw: Norway v. Basque; France v. Switzerland.

Quarter Final Results: Catalonia 9 Basque 0; Netherlands 8 France 1; Andorra 8 Switzerland 1; Galicia 5 Norway 4.

Quarter Final Foursomes: Catalonia 3 Basque 0; Netherlands 3 France 0; Andorra 3 Switzerland 0; Galicia 2 Norway 1.

Strokeplay Final Scores

Catalonia 504
Netherlands 533
Andorra 538
Galicia 552
Norway 587
Switzerland 589
France 591
Basque 606

Quarter Final Draw: Catalonia v. Basque; Netherlands v. France; Andorra v. Switzerland; Galicia v. Norway

Strokeplay First Round

Catalonia 244
Andorra 263
Netherlands 264
Galicia 272
France, Norway 297
Basque, Switzerland 304

French golf website "Le Monde du Golf" report on VII European Team Championship

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