Quadrangular International/5 Nations

Building on the Ireland v. Australia matches, PPUI hosted the quadrangular international at Glenville in 1997. Ireland faced Australia, England and Canada.  Galicia hosted Catalonia, Andorra and prospective FIPPA member Portugal in 2011. To assist European development, a 2015 quadrangular international was hosted in the Basque Country.  The Galicia-Basque-Catalonia-France tournament was repeated at Ariege, France in 2016 and at El Pilar Sarria, Galicia in 2017. Andorra took the place of Basque Country for the 2018 tournament at Lleida, Catalonia. With the Basques back in the fold, the 2019 event at Urduna became a 5 nations international.

1997 Glenville, Ireland. Won by Ireland
2011 Boiro, Galicia Won by Catalonia
2015 Dima, Basque Won by Catalonia
2016 Ariege-Pyrenees, France Won by Catalonia
2017 El Pilar-Sarria, Galicia Won by France
2018 Lleida, Catalonia Won by Catalonia
2019 Urduna, Basque Won by Catalonia
2020 Xixerella, Andorra Won by Andorra
2021 Ariege-Pyrenees, France Won by Catalonia
2022 Ourense, Glaicia Won by Galicia