Quadrangular International/5 Nations

The 2023 Five Nations tournament was played at Vallromanes (Catalonia) on 29th/30th July.

Catalonia regained the trophy by winning 5.5 singles for an overall 8.5 to 3.5 over runners-up France. Galicia finished third with Andorra fourth and Basque 5th.

Catalonia won three of the foursomes against France in the final and led 3-1 with eight singles to play. Galicia won four foursomes to take a strong advantage over Andorra (1) and Basque (1) in the battle for third place.

Saturday Score: Catalonia 14.5, France 10, Galicia 8.5, Andorra 6 and Euskadi 1. Catalonia and France wil contest Sunday's final while Galicia, Andorra and Euskadi will play-off for 3rd/4th and 5th places.
Fourball Result: Catalonia 4, France 3, Galicia 2, Andorra 1 and Euskadi 0.
Greensomes Result: Catalonia 3, France 3, Galicia 2, Andorra 2 and Euskadi 0
Singles Results: Catalonia 7.5 France 4, Galicia 4.5, Andorra 3 and Euskadi 1

The Basque team is: Juan Medina .Pablo Múgica.Raquel Tórmez. Carmelo Tricio.Jon Luengas.Sergio Ipiña.José Ipiña.Graham Cunningham.

Catalonia will be represented by: Fernando Cano, Oriol Mas, Eloi Hernando, Lluis Cucurull, Juan Luis Sanchez, Joel Girbau,Josep Ramon Portell, Berenguer Ortí. Captain:Lluis Fernandez.

The French team is Damien Ducept, Kevin Hocquard, Michel le Gell, Mathieu Cantet, Yann Le Tallec, Alexandre Templereau, Vanessa Renoult, Laurent Duffourc

The Andorra team reads:  Pablo Pérez Sierra, Carles Pérez Gelmà, Gonzalo Mendoza Rodríguez, Joan Valls Andiñach, Martí Castellà Zanuy, Carme Morales Frasnedo, Antoni Miquel Fernández Sánchez, Jose Manuel Veloso Domonte. Non playing captain: Xavier Feliubadaló Moles

The Galician team will be: Alejandro Fernandez, Peter Mervin, Dani Fuentes, Thomas Escarda, Pablo Rodriguez, Iago Ojea, Hugo Espíritu Santo and Teo Fernandez.

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