Course of the Month

July 2019

Can Rafel, Catalonia Catalonia

Carrer Hotel Can Rafel, s/n 08758 Cervelló (Barcelona) features an interesting Pitch and Putt layout.

This is a relatively small course, as it consists of 9 holes, but quite a technical one, as it does not allow for many errors. It is located on the northern slope of the mountain that separates Cervelló de Corbera del Llobregat, offering excellent views of Corbera and La Palma. It is a very well cared for course, with a good grass and in a very quiet environment, since around there are practically no houses (only one and separated from the course by trees), but mainly forests and fields of fruit trees. 100 metres from the course is the Hotel-Restaurant Can Rafel. Can Rafel features a practice ground with 12 covered bays and a length of about 160 metres. It also has a practice green and practice bunkers. 

The first hole measures just 53 metres and is the shortest hole at Can Rafel but it's not the easiest. Between the tee and the green, there is a small valley with a depth of about 4-5 metres, the green being slightly higher than the tee. A pine tree to the left of the tee complicates the peripheral vision. The green is slightly tilted to the right and towards the tee. Out of Bounds lurks to the right of and behind the green. A small deep bunker guards the left side of the green. Also on the left, but above there is the terrace and the reception and clubhouse. Do not be afraid, it is not easy to pitch on to the terrace!

The 88 metre 3rd is similar to hole 2 but much easier, since the landscape is flatter, as it has no bunker and the green is totally flat. The fairway is wider (just, than hole 2), but the hole is longer (88 to 82m) and Out of Bounds threatens along the right side. Behind the green there is a small pine forest with very stony ground.

The 63 metre ninth hole is not difficult, but it has one of the more interesting greens. The fairway is not straight. It curves a little to the left. A lateral water hazard obstructs the left side. A steep slope in front of the green will penalise any short pitch and a tee shot in the left bunker will require a lofted sand shot to find the green. The car park isn't far from the right side of the green and another bunker guards the green on the right. This green is the largest on the course, with 2 or 3 different levels. It is a good idea to not go too long since this will leave a tricky, fast putt or a downhill chip. 

The course is situated near the Molins del Rei exit off the A2 motorway. Greenfees are €11.50 on weekdays and €17.50 at the weekend.