Course of the Month

May 2009

Kristtornskogen, Stord, Norway Norway

Our Pitch and Putt course that will open in June 2009 is situated in beautiful surroundings on the western coast of Norway. It's on a small island called Stord, nearby one of the worlds leading offshore yards, Aker Stord. While playing the course you'll enjoy a great view of both high mountains and typical Norwegian fjords. The course is the first of its kind in the region, and will hopefully become a good recruiting arena to the sport of Pitch and Putt.

< Located in an exciting hilly landscape including steep cliffs, narrow fairways and deep bunkers the course will challenge the abilities of beginners and experienced players alike. The most difficult hole is the 8th. It measures 61 metres and plays hard downhill. With cliffs and oak trees on the left, a water hazard and two sand bunkers on the right, a slice or a hook will be severely punished. Longest hole is the second, which plays 65 metres slightly downhill. With a wide fairway it may look easy, but if your stroke is too hard, your ball will roll over the green and into one of the deep bunkers that dot the course. The 1st is rated as the easiest on the card and measures 29 metres. With an elevated tee area 7 metres above the green it is good fun to play, but can also be a bit tricky since it is easy to overhit. The total length of the course is 440 metres for 9 holes and 880 metres for 18 holes. At present it is one tee area per hole, but extra tee areas will be built this coming winter, some to make the holes longer and some to make the holes easier to play. The greens are built to USGA standard and all fairways, bunkers and greens are well drained.

A short driving range for Pitch and Putt with ten mats is also ready to be taken in use, and plans are made for building a putting green, and a training area for chipping and bunker strokes. Opening for this part is planned to be spring 2010.

Architect Arnstein Frilling who did a fantastic job by drawing up the layout for the course had to make several corrections on the placing of some of the holes, due to the discovery of historical burial mounds, being from 2000 4000 years old. Five new areas containing burial mounds were located by the archaeologists on their pre-check of the course. Since two were known from before, there are now seven known areas from the Iron Age or older within the boundaries of the course. One of the mounds was opened early in the seventies, there were then found many objects with great historical value. One of the findings was a stone axe from the Stone Age.

Besides from the cliffs, burial mounds and the old oak trees there is also a lot of the rear wood art Holly. With its characteristic dark green, sharp toothed leafs and red berries it is popular as Christmas decorations, both outside and inside the Norwegian homes.

Alongside the course is a farm restaurant with materials from an old barn (17th century) belonging to the farm. Until now the restaurant has been lent out for special occasions only, but when the course opens it will serve as a club house and you will be welcome to have a refreshing drink or a tasty meal.

We are about to join NPPF (Norges Pitch and Putt Forbund). Besides from recruiting young and old to the great game of Pitch and Putt, we will do our outmost to keep our idyllic course in such a condition that hopefully will include the course in future considerations as a host for bigger tournaments.

From June this year you are more than welcome to come and play at our new Pitch and Putt course at Stord.

Kristtornskogen Golfpark would like to thank all of you that have contributed to the building of the course.