Course of the Month

October 2010

Tennis Mora, Catalonia Catalonia

Exit the C-32 at Saint Andrew's de Llavaneres. Head toward N-II BEACHES and shortly turn to your left. A Pitch and Putt treat awaits you. Tennis Mora is one of the best nine hole courses around. The nine holes occupy an area of three hectares and the overall length is 766 feet. Pitching the greens is not difficult, but the putting can be tricky as the greens are complicated by the different levels they have.

The complex boasts a Bar, Changing rooms, equipment hire, putting green and practice net. In addition one may play tennis, paddle, squash and use the gym. Also, the Pitch and Putt course is floodlit.

The 79 metre first hole features Out of Bounds all along the left. There's a small water hazard on the right that only comes into play if one is very short off the tee. Two bunkers are in play, one front-left of the green and the other behind. A slightly raised green completes the assignment.

The fifth hole is long (99 metres) and all uphill. The green is hidden from the tee. The entire right side of the hole is Out of Bounds and the fairway falls away to the left. More bunker trouble lurks and accuracy is essential here.

The 109 metre seventh hole is downhill and seems shorter than it really is. There is a huge tree at the entrance of the green-left. The green is large and with a slight slope from left to right.

(special thanks to Quim Riera and Jordi Blanch for the information provided for this article)