Course of the Month

March 2007

Terrey Hills, Sydney, Australia Australia

Sydney - one of the world's great cosmopolitan cities, home to 4 million Australians and the 2000 Olympics - and only 1 Pitch and Putt course, the immaculate Terrey Hills Pitch and Putt course.
Only minutes drive from the world famous, sun drenched, golden sands of Sydney's northern surf beaches - through a lush, verdant subtropical rainforest - lies the hidden wonder that is Sydney's Terrey Hills Pitch and Putt course.

At first glance one is stunned by the out-of-this-world look of the course with its light towers sitting astride the fairways like alien beings lying in wait.
But as one walks out onto the course the player is met by an amazing vista of curves and contours that reveal a living work of art. No fairway is flat, nor any green.
Every metre of the course reveals some movement, some mystery and magic created by the designer of the course to make the player think carefully before each shot - and every blade of grass has been manicured lovingly by the courses exceptional greenkeeper, Paul Watts.

As the course is high on top of a hill every wayward shot sees your ball drop over the edge to the forest below, and out of bounds. From the enormous bunkers stretching across the course to the huge double green, this course offers extraordinary variety. Summer breezes add to the complexity of play as they blast their way over the course and even though the greens are massive and inviting to the casual eye they are shaped to deceive the player who too casually makes his putt.

In November 2007, Terrey Hills will welcome the Pitch and Putt world to its door and then subject the world's best players to one of the toughest mental and physical challenges in this sport as the first leg of the Triple Crown is played over its curvaceous forms. For four gruelling days many of the best in Pitch and Putt will mix with those who will travel half way around the world because they are inspired by passion, and the player to emerge as the Australian Matchplay Champion will have proven their ability in a test against nature, mind and the unexpected - and in front of a legion of spectators.

Terrey Hills is one of the great challenges of the Pitch and Putt world, and a true work of art in Pitch and Putt design - make sure you put it on your list of courses you must play.
We look forward to seeing you there in November!