Grand Prix of France Massoubox 2022

Inaugural tournament successfully completed

The first Grand Prix de France Pitch&Putt Massoubox took place at theHippodrome La Cépiére course, Toulouse on September 17/18,

Alongside the local specialists, the presence of players from Bordeaux, Royan, Hossegor and players from the P&P team of the Basque Country (Euskadi) should be noted.

We enjoyed sunny weather and a dry course to play this competition over two days (54 holes)

Final ranking

1st Michel Espanol - Toulouse, 2nd Frederic Cardenti - FIAC, 3rd Alain Pillet - Royan, 1st Lady, Françoise Letort – Hossegor

It's a competition which must in the near future become a major event on the Pitch and Putt calendar

The Comité Pitch and Putt France earlier released detailed documents (see below) concerning this new and exciting  competition in France. If there is inital success the CPPF will make it grow



Andorra Open 2022

Josep Iglesias Miralpeix retains trophy


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