Catalan Open 2023

Entry capacity reached for PPI, PPBN and AGPPA members

The 2023 Catalan Open will be played from April 14/16 at HCP1. All the details may be seen in the below attachment.

From today tournament organisers won’t accept more entries from PPI, PPBN and AGPPA. If more players from those associations enter they will be placed on a waiting list.

Entry numbers as at 27th January

  • 72 International players (PPI, PPBN and AGPPA)
  • 55 players reserved for affiliated playing members of the hosting member FCPP.
  • 10 players reserved on behalf of the organising committee.
  • 2 players reserved on behalf of the course committee.

Total 139

5 further Places are available for other FIPPA Associations.

Current list of entrants is shown on the second attachment.




Maurice Stuyvers retires

PPBN Chief and FIPPA Board Member will concentrate on playing.