Maurice Stuyvers retires

PPBN Chief and FIPPA Board Member will concentrate on playing.

President of the PPBN and EPPA/FIPPA Board member Maurice Stuyvers has taken the diffcult decision to stand down from his administrative responsibiltoes to concentrate on playing. We thank him for his service and wish him well. A portion of Maurice's statement follows:

"Seven years is the proverbial limit on whether or not to continue with a love relationship. Where I have never made it to the seven consecutive years both in a love and a wage service relationship, I have managed this with the PPBN.
In the run-up to seven years of "Pitch and Putt Bond" during the Irish Open there was an instinct to whether or not to continue this past July. Finally made the decision in October to stop PPBN for good in 2023. I found that extremely hard, felt terrible for days, but is the right choice on many levels.
Despite the fact that I never had the ambition of the presidency, but I saw it as a great honor, I still want to improve as a player and that is possible only for me without the pressure I put on myself during federal tournaments and especially the marginal affairs.
Despite the fact that we delegate almost everything and go to a course/WTC (and having the experience of 60 federal tournaments), my mind still goes into dissolution mode, when something doesn't go exactly the way it should, when there is the label "PPBN" hanging from the top. That’s something I can’t change but suffer from and ultimately be guilty of.
Outside this given seven years is just very long, it tends to me as something unhealthy and you get tunnel vision. Often I could not understand ex-colleagues that they personalized themselves with their work. I can understand that now.
Of course I'm going to miss things: being aware of everything early, the specific contacts, but especially being able to form our sport in the Netherlands. It's just really fun to contribute to the content, come up with things and especially together with the people on this board. Not knowing things anymore also has advantages: I think it's wonderful to be able to say later: I don't know, don't call me!
Looking at our board, we all have something different, but that's why it clicks and clashes so well and we'll endure with each other for so long. Certainly the people who have been in it for several years have had a turbulent time on all kinds of levels and our bond has grown because of that, which created real friendships.
I am proud of everyone involved who made what is happening now possible. Looking back on 2015 I never would have imagined. There we were in Zwolle, Strand Horst, Koekange, Almere thinking about how we were going to rig that much wanted players' union. Sometimes the PPBN was like a bus: people were getting in and out of every stop, but in the end a group of "crazy" stayed sitting long enough.
And even though things can always be different and better, there's been something that makes people excited, disappointed, happy, frustrated and extremely happy for years. In short, there is recognition and that was the intention. I would like to thank everyone whom I haven't personally thanked yet for the support, critical views and suggestions in the past years. Together we are Pitch en Putt Netherlands and we must cherish and honour that."


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