World Strokeplay Championship Statistics

2009 - 2013 - The Stats

The third World Strokeplay championship will be played at Imjelt, Norway in July 2017. Here are some of the statistics from the first two championships - at La Grande Motte, France in 2009 and at Tambre, Galicia in 2013. The 2009 event had to be shortened to 54 holes due to rain while very high temperatures were a feature at Tambre four years ago,

Greatest victory margin: 2 strokes, Fernando Cano, (Catalonia), La Grande Motte, 2009; John Walsh (Ireland), Tambre, 2013.
Low 1st round: 45, Ray Murphy (Ireland), La Grande Motte, 2009.
Low 2nd round: 44, Josep Martinez (Catalonia), Tambre 2013; Liam O'Donovan (Ireland), Tambre, 2013.
Low 3rd round: 45, Esther de Schiffart (Netherlands), Tambre, 2013.
Low 4th round: 48, John Walsh (Ireland), Tambre, 2013.
Low 36: 95, Liam O'Donovan (Ireland), Tambre, 2013.
Low 54: 146, Fernando Cano, (Catalonia), La Grande Motte, 2009; Liam O'Donovan (Ireland), Tambre, 2013.
Low 72: 198, John Walsh (Ireland), Tambre 2013.
Distribution of wins by country: Catalonia, 1 - Ireland.
Two podium finishes: John Walsh (Ireland), 3rd -2009, winner - 2013.
Distribution of podium finishes by country: 3 - Ireland; 1 - Catalonia, Australia, Great Britain.
Father and son in top 10 in successive championships: Steve Deeble (Great Britain), La Grande Motte, 2009; John Deeble (Great Britain), Tambre, 2013.
Best performance by a defending champion: 26th, Fernando Cano, (Catalonia), Tambre, 2013.
Two ladies wins: Chrissie Byrne (Ireland), La Grande Motte, 2009, Tambre, 2013.
Best performance by a defending ladies champion: 1st, Chrissie Byrne (Ireland), Tambre, 2013.
Distribution of ladies podium finishes by country: 3 - Ireland; 3 - Netherlands.
Two ladies podium finishes: Chrissie Byrne (Ireland), winner -2009, winner - 2013; Herma Kleinlugtenbeld (Netherlands), 2nd -2009, 3rd - 2013.


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