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FIPPA President Victor Moscatel visits Japan as JPPA applies to join FIPPA

For more than four years as FIPPA President, Victor Moscatel has been working tirelessly for a worldwide, independent and united Pitch and Putt Sport.

His latest initiative involves a lengthy trip from side one side of the world to the other. Victor plans to meet wonderful and interesting people that want to develop Pitch and Putt in Japan. Victor plans to learn from the experience of the Japanese, share his own knowledge and together they will plan a brilliant future for the sport of Pitch and Putt.

On 28th November. Victor played Pitch and Putt (with the JPPA President) at the Union club near Tokyo and on 29th November met members of the JPPA (Japanese Pitch and Putt Association) board including the President, Chairman and Vice President. He has also consulted with representatives of Nippon TV. The theme of all the meetings is how we can develop Pitch and Putt together in Japan.

On 2nd December, Victor held talks with the Japan Pitch and Putt Associaion President President Yasuyuki Kuzuhara and other board members with a view towards JPPA applying to join FIPPA.

Victor says, "it's a pleasure to serve all of you," as FIPPA is developing Pitch & Putt all over the world and creating a team really prepared to manage and marshal our organisation.


Deepest sympathy

to FIPPA Vice President Myles McMorrow on the death of his wife Helen (R.I.P.)


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