FIPPA Calendar 2022

Exciting programme announced

The EPPA/FIPPA Boards and Secretariat wish you a happy, sporting and prosperous New Year.

The following is a provisional list of FIPPA fixtures for 2022.

22-24/04/2022 Catalan Open, P&P Lloret

20-22/05/2022 Ourense International Pairs, Galicia

10-12/06/2022 Andorra Pairs, P&P Xixerella

01-03/07/2022 Five Nations Tournament, Galicia

08-10/07/2022 Breizh Open, Quiberon

22-24/07/2022 Irish Open, P&P Tullamore

19-22/08/2022  Dutch Open

26-28/08/2022 Slovenia v. France, P&P Žaženberk

23-25/09/2022 Andorra Open, P&P Xixerella

8-9/10/2022 European Seniors Championship 2022, P&P HCP1

21-23/10/2022 Catalan Pairs,  P&P Sant Cebrià



WPPT 2022 Event

Juan Luis Sanchez wins on -21


Slovenia Open 2021

Rudolf Leban triumphs at Stanezice