Tim Terrell R.I.P. -

Death of an Australian Pitch and Putt icon

The Pitch and Putt community in Australia and worldwide is mourning the loss of Tim Terrell (RIP). Tim was a former President if the Australian Pitch and Putt Association (APPA) and an articulate and committed Australian envoy to FIPPA. Tim played a major role in the Australian Triple Crown events and in organising Australian teams for international competition.

David Wright, Secretary of the APPA, has sent us this tribute.

"It was Tim that first got me involved in APPA four years ago almost to the day - a fact I will probably never forgive him for!

I soon came to appreciate his skills and commitment.  Behind that gentle demeanour was a man of steely convictions - fortunately, convictions always based on sound research, analysis and conclusion.

I came to appreciate his vision, policy skills and dedication more than most. I truly believe that the combination of Eero Tarik’s enthusiasm 15 years ago would all have come to nought were it not for Tim’s guidance and ability to harness it to a sound administrative framework.

Most of the highlight’s of APPA’s history have Tim’s imprimatur on it, be it the national ranking system, the national handicapping system or the idea of a national and even international inter-club challenge, to name just three.

I always enjoyed playing with or against Tim. I had always thought of myself as of equal ability to Tim, recognising that he was 86 years old when I first met him! That illlusion was shattered a couple of years ago when I drew him in the first round of the Match Play Tournament. I was to lose 6 and 5 and that was having won the previous three holes!

I am so pleased that I pursued his Life Membership of the Association notwithstanding we won’t have such a category until the new Constitution comes into effect later this year.

Tim will be sorely missed by the Pitch and Putt community in Canberra and more broadly in Australia. I’m sure his contribution to FIPPA will be recognised by people who knew him."

Deepest condolences to Tim's family and friends. may he rest in peace.


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