30 years of Pitch and Putt in Catalonia

Important milestone for Pitch and Putt practitioners

It was in 1990 that Irishman Martin Whitelaw opened the gates of Pitch and Putt Solius - the first course of its kind in Catalonia.

Pitch and Putt was already a way of life in Martin's home country, but Catalans flocked to experience the novel sport (for them) of Pitch and Putt at Solius, set in the country estate of Can Dalmau.

From the course at Solius grew the Associacio Catalana de Pitch and Putt and later the Federacio Catalana de Pitch and Putt. Martin's collaboration across borders and overseas led to sustained international development and competition. Nowadays, Catalonia has over 40 affiliated courses and the European Pitch and Putt Association (EPPA) and FIPPA thrive.

So 2020 marks an important milestone for Pitch and Putt practitioners for Catalonia and throughout the world. 

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Former EPPA/FIPPA Secretary honoured

Martin Whitelaw lauded as Catalan Pitch and Putt founder.


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