Ourense International Pairs Tournament - The Stats from 2021

Entries: 53 pairs participated in the 2021 tournament, split Galicia 37 (70%), Catalonia 5 (9%), Andorra 4 (7.5%), Basque 4 (7.5%) and Ireland 3 (7%).

Split of Categories: Non-Mixed 45 (85%), Mixed 8 (15%)

Average First Round Score (Foursomes at Pozo do Lago): 61.89 (+7.89 to par)

Average Second Round Score (Fourball at Ourense): 52.53 (-1.47)

Average Third Round Score Chapman Greensomes at Ourense: 51.45 (-3.55)

Average 54-hole Aggregate Score: 164.87 (+2.87)

Low First Round Score (Foursomes at Pozo do Lago): 52, by Galicians Pablo Rodriguez Perez & David Sanchez Soriano (-1 last six) and by Esteban Rodriguez Alvarez & Moises Iriarte Martinez of Galicia (E last six)

Low Second Round Score (Fourball at Ourense): 43, by Pablo Rodriguez Perez & David Sanchez Soriano (Galicia)

Low Third Round Score (Chapman Greensomes at Ourense): 42, by Nacho Prada & Jose Antonio Carvajales (Galicia)

Low 54-hole Aggregate Score:  138, Pablo Rodriguez Perez & David Sanchez Soriano

Low Mixed First Round Score (Foursomes at Pozo do Lago): 59, by Matilde and José Lopez (Galicia), who scored 29 on the second nine and by Miguel Llado & Maria Julia (Catalonia), who were five over for the back nine.

Low Mixed Second Round Score (Fourball at Ourense): 49, by Pilar Montero & Alan Torner (Catalonia) 

Low Mixed Third Round Score (Chapman Greensomes at Ourense): 51, by Catalans Miguel Llado & Maria Julia  (back 9 of -2) and by Loli Freire & Tomas de Alfonso (back 

Low Mixed 54-hole Aggregate Score:  155, by Miguel Llado & Maria Julia (Catalonia)

Galician pairs filled the first eleven places. Jordi Clote & Frederic Gaset were the best-placed Andorran pair on 155. Abelardo Sierra & Alberto de Pombo were the best placed Catalan pair on 157. Colm O’Droighneain & Phil Maher were the best placed Irish pair on 163, the same score as Juan Medina & Jose Manuel Camouas, the best placed Basque pair.

The 2022 Ourense International Pairs tournament will be played at Pozo do Lago (Foursomes) and Ourense (Fourball and Chapman Greensomes) from May 21/22, 2022.