Esther de Schiffart - Domination of the Dutch Ladies Open

Here is Dutch  phenomenon Esther de Schiffart's reaction to her latest masterclass at the 2021 Dutch Open.

Q. You have won the Dutch Open on many occasions but it must be especially gratifying to win it at the birthplace of Dutch Pitch and Putt - Koekange?

A. I must say, every win is gratifying! Every course is different and if you are able to come out as the winner again; it's beautiful every time!

Q. Although, Herma played well, it was a relatively easy victory for you?

A. After Saturday I was 6 strokes ahead. Herma played a good game on Sunday but actually I wasn't in any trouble. The lead was 5 strokes in the beginning and then I just built it up. In retrospect you can say that it was relatively easy. What always brings with it is that people say beforehand: “Oh, you'll do that and win… easy!” That is much easier said than done; you have to keep focus every time and produce good play to win. I think people underestimate that sometimes. It's hard to keep doing that over and over, but when you succeed, it's fantastic every time!

Q. Were there any worrying moments at all during the weekend?

A. I was actually pretty relaxed over the weekend and didn't really have moments in the competition where I was worried. I played my own game, was focused and didn't get distracted by others.

Q. How did you perform in Friday’s Matchplay event?

A. In the matchplay event I was knocked out in the second round by Patrick Gaynor (the Irishman who finished third in the Senior Open). Neither of us played great but he did just that little bit better! It’s always a fun and enjoyable event on the Friday.

Q. How has Covid-19 impacted your Pitch and Putt preparation and participation?

A. I have to say it's okay this year. We have actually been able to play continuously this year. Although few national matches were postponed, we could play all year at Papendal. So we try to play Pitch&Putt once or twice a week and we also played a lot of golf and I like that combination.

Q. Do you plan to play in any of the forthcoming international tournaments?

A. I always try to play some international tournaments. That will mainly be from next year. I don't really know what the calendar looks like for next year but maybe the Catalan Open and the Irish Open. And of course on home soil the Dutch Open.