Evan Carry's joy at his first major adult win

How pleased are you to win the Irish open :

I’m absolutely thrilled to win the Irish open , it feels incredible to finally get my first adult major win , I couldn’t be happier

Did your juvenile win at the seapoint Irish open help prepare you for the 2022 Irish open : I think it has helped me massively, playing in seapoint as a juvenile with some of the best players in Ireland was a massive help to me , it gave me the experience and confidence to go on and compete at adult level

You have been enjoying great success all year , have you been practicing a lot ? :

I practice quite a bit , but my practice routine has slightly changed since I moved into the adult ranks , instead of just playing a round , I try to focus more on certain aspects like putting and chipping

Tell us about that second round of 45 on Saturday , which gave you a spring board for victory :

I had finished my first round well to finish -4 , and I knew conditions were tough so if I could post a 48 with it I knew it was give me half a chance on Sunday , I started on hole 14 which probably is the hardest place to start in tullamore , but I found it a good thing for myself personally, I knew If I could get out of 14,15,16 level par there was some scorable holes coming up , and thankfully I just got on a nice run on the front 9 , which probably gave me the confidence going into sunday .

Do you like the tullamore course : Its funny , tullamore is without a doubt one of the best courses in Ireland , and is always in top top condition, Darren does a fantastic job on the course , but I’ve never actually scored well in tullamore , so to finally score well there is a relief in itself, but the course was in absolutely incredible condition

A few words about John John and Kieran : They are 2 of the nicest lads on the circuit , I’ve played with John John a couple of times now and he is fantastic to play with and always spurs you on when your going well , it was my first time playing with Kieran , he is an incredible player and hopefully we have more battles over the years , but to share the course with 2 players like them was a pleasure .

Was there a possibility that you and Kieran might get too immersed in your own matchplay situation ? , we’re you aware that Patrick murphy had finished on -18 ? : To be completely honest I never really seen it as a matchplay until probably the 16th hole , that’s when I realised ok one of us will probably win , but Patrick had a fantastic final round , we had a small wait on the 18th tee so we did see him birdie 18 to finish on 18 under , but for me it was never a matchplay until the last 2/3 holes We’re you worried when Kieran drew level ? : I was and I wasn’t if that makes sense , I knew lads would come out firing but I had prepared myself for it , I knew if I could just stick to my own game I would have a great chance , but Kieran is incredible when he gets going , so I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit worried Tell us about that putt on the 54th green : All I was thinking was don’t be short , I had left a putt on 17 short so all I was thinking was get it to the hole , thankfully I put a good stroke on it and it went in the middle , but I’ve never been as nervous hitting a putt as I was there .

Are you pleased to join club mate Eamon gibney on the Irish open roll of honour ? :

Absolutely , Eamon is one of the best players I have ever seen and I’m very lucky to be able to play with him every week , he has set the level of pitch and putt in meath to a ver high level , so I’m thrilled to have my name on the cup alongside him

What’s next in pitch and putt for Evan Carry ? : The intercounty in seapoint and rocklodge is the focus for myself now , but in the long run to compete in more majors and maybe pick up a few nationals along the way