EPPA - the European Pitch and Putt Association

EPPA Members
  • Andorra  AACEPP or AAPP - Associacio Andorrana (Club Esportiu) Pitch and Putt
  • Catalonia  ACPP - Associacio Catalana de Pitch & Putt
  • United Kingdom  BPPA - British Pitch & Putt Association
  • Netherlands  PPBN - Pitch en Putt Bond Nederland
  • Norway  NPPF - Norges Pitch & Putt Forbund
  • Ireland  PPI - Pitch and Putt Ireland
  • Switzerland  SPPF - Swiss Pitch & Putt Federation (associate members)
  • Galicia  GPPA or ASGAPP - Galicia Pitch and Putt Association (Asociacion Gallega de Campos de Pitch and Putt)
  • France  CPPF - Comité Pitch and Putt France
  • Euskadi  EPPE - Euskadiko Pitch and Putt Elkartea (associate members)
  • Slovenia PPAS - Pitch&Putt Association of Slovenia 

EPPA History

At a meeting in Dublin in October 1999 (following initial discussions at the inaugural European Championship in Chelmsford UK in June 1999), attended by representatives from Pitch and Putt Union of Ireland, British Pitch and Putt Union, Associacio Catalana de Pitch and Putt (Catalonia), Association Francaise des Golfs "Pitch and Putt" (France), Nederlandse Pitch and Putt Bond (The Netherlands) and Federazione Italiana de Pitch and Putt (Italy), it was agreed to form a European Pitch and Putt Association. At a February 2000 meeting in Barcelona, the same delegates agreed a Constitution to formally launch the European Pitch and Putt Association (EPPA).

The current Board of EPPA is:

President: Michael Murphy (Ireland), 
Vice President: Myles McMorrow (Ireland), RIP
Board Members: Victor Rodriguez (Galicia), Jordi Torrent (Catalonia), Victor Moscatel (Catalonia), John Manning (Ireland)..

EPPA's headquarters is Diputació 274, pral. A, 08009 Barcelona. Phone - 93 342 42 49 - Fax 93 412 16 79. Toni Lloret is Secretary General.

EPPA stages a European Team Championship along with a European Strokeplay championship and actively promotes the sport of amateur Pitch and Putt throughout Europe.