Annual Calendar and Results

International Calendar 2016

  • April 1/3   Catalan Open, Roc 3
  • July 1/3   World Cup, Andorra
  • July 29/31   Quadrangular International, Ariege Pyrenees, France
  • August 13/14   FIPPA Open, Koudum
  • August 19/21   British Open, Dagenham
  • September 23/25   Irish Open, Rocklodge
  • October 28/30   Triangular International, Irelore
  • November 5/6   Catalan International Pairs, Sant Cebria
  • November 17/20   Chile Open, Colegio di Medico, Santiago
  • November 19/20   Australian Open, Canberra International

International Results 2016

  • Catalan Open wins for Daniel Gimenez, Pilar Montero and Pacelli Darcy at Roc 3
  • 3-2 victory for Ireland over Catalonia in final
  • Catalonia wins Quadrangular International
  • Rolf Kwant wins FIPPA Open, Esther de Schiffart takes ladies and Noel Shannon the senior
  • British Open victory for John Deeble, Mary Murray wins ladies and Steve Deeble the senior
  • Frank Dineen wins Irish Open, Breda Lonergan and Pacelli Darcy take other categories
  • Win for Andorra
  • International Pairs win for Tom Hanley and Kieran Earls at Sant Cebria
  • Chile wins for Alejandro Moraga and Margarita Valenzuela
  • Tom Rickit and Helen Angel win at Australian Open