Course of the Month

June 2011

Bonarea, Catalonia Catalonia

Bonarea Pitch & Putt is part of the Bonarea Foundation, a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote sports and leisure activities among people in their environment. This increases the attractiveness for people of living and working in the nearby towns (like Massoteres) and rural areas such as Segarra and employed by the Stern Food Group, The course opened in 2006. Course irrigation is delivered entirely through the use of sewage sludge from the meat factory complex.
Bonarea has a driving range where one may use all kinds of clubs, a putting green and a bunker where one can warm up and prepare.
Index One hole is No. 17. There's a ditch across the fairway, as there is on 15 and 16. There's Out of Bounds all along the left and a tricky green.

The second fairway is relatively uncomplicated and there's a fairly flat green. Over the green is Out of Bounds in the practice ground.
The pitch on the eighth must fly the lake (front water hazard). From the tee one can only see the top of the flag (blind hole) and there's just fifteen metres between water and green. The green is lower than the tee. The green has many undulations and a slight fall from the sides towards the centre.
The downhill fifteenth fairway has a ditch, usually dry, halfway to the green and a few trees on the right that should not come into play. The green is flat.

The course is located in the municipality of Massoteres near Guissona Solsona. Boanarea boasts a Club house, equipment shop, changing rooms, restaurants with special menus included with green fees (very cheap!), putting green along with lessons. Payment is by credit card only (no cash!).
The course is funded by economic contributions of the Stern Agricultural Cooperative, CaixaGuissona Food Corporation and SA Stern, being integrated within the social social club of the Food Group Stern.
It all began on 17 October 2006, under the influence of forty-five subscribers of the course. An Assembly was formed, statutes were adopted and it was decided to form a Board and advance this project together.
The club was admitted to the Catalan Pitch and Putt Federation and now fields teams and players in all of the championships of Catalonia.
The most important activity that the club regularly organizes is tournaments. Anyone who wishes may participate in these events, whether or not a member or subscriber of the course.
One of the bigger Catalan clubs, Bonarea currently has approximately 600 club members.

(special thanks to Quim Riera for the information provided for this article)