Course of the Month

October 2015

Bruck, Austria Austria

Follow A2 and S6 to Oberaichstraße in Oberaich. Take exit Bruck/M-West from S6 and you'll find a delightfully landscaped Pitch and Putt course

The course at Golf Center Bruck is normally open daily from sunrise to sunset. Accurate updated information is available on the course's website.

Green fee for 9 holes is €10.
Green fee for 1 day is €18

Course Record is 50 strokes (-4) set by Robert Kirsch on 01/06/2014

Toughest hole on the course is the 90 metre 4th. The green is guarded by sand right and left while trees lurk behind. Water comes into play on a number of holes, particularly the 51 metre 7th where the lake guards the front and left side of the green. The 39 metre second is rated the easiest on the course but water awaits a tee shot that veers right.

The complex also has a golf training centre.

Course address is
Club Golf Center Bruck / Mur
ZVR 918965268 - BH Bruck-Mürzzuschlag
Urs Kaltenberg
On Golf Course 1
8600 Bruck / Mur

[t] +43 3862 53508