Course of the Month

December 2021

E.S.B., Ireland Ireland

E.S.B. course is situated at Half Moon Lane off the South Douglas Road in Cork city. The club moved to that location in the 1980s, having previously had a nine-hole course closer to the city centre. That original course became part of the South Link Road, an orbital route that links the N22 and the N25. 

Attractive sets of white steps connect the different levels of this two-tier course. The tiers facilitate uphill and downhill pitches as well as teeshots across valleys. The 37 metre 4th requires a pitch across the valley to a green with falls off to the right and to the left. 

The pitch to the 36 metre 5th must be steered between hedges and fly a grassy mound in front of the green, which foreshortens the hole visually. The 7th calls for a 51 metre teeshot over a lone tree and a grassy mound.

The 8th requires a 38 metre shot to a flat green while the front nine concludes with a 45 metre test.

Out of Bounds lurks all the way down the left of the 30 metre 10th hole while the 11th plays 44 metres over a small hedge and a mound in front of a flat green.

The 12th which is termed "Valley of Death", measures 30 metres to a small green with run-off areas, right and left.

The E.S.B. club has produced top-class players at all levels of the sport as well some industrious and well-respected administrators.

(with thanks to Billy arnold).