Course of the Month

April 2011

Groningen, Netherlands Netherlands

Pitch & Putt Golf Kardinge Groningen is located in a recreation area near the city of Groningen. The professionally built course is a challenge for the experienced player and the novice alike. Groningen Pitch and Putt is a spacious layout, dotted with bunkers, ponds, rough and greens. It's close to the city but is a haven of the tranquility of nature.

Groningen was the second Pitch and Putt course developed in Holland by Erik Jorritsma's Pitch and Putt Support company after the original Koekange course.

Kardinge recreation area is easily accessible by car, bicycle or public transport. Many city and intercity buses (some 500 buses daily) from the central station serve Kardinge. The recreation area has its own exit on the eastern ring road that leads to the central car park, which boasts 1,000 free spaces.

Groningen Pitch and Putt has a modern clubhouse that blends well with Kardinge the area. In the cosy atmosphere of the clubhouse, one can partake of an Irish beer or a cup of tea, or a full meal if one wishes. The clubhouse balcony provides a splendid view across the course.

Many companies use the Groningen clubhouse meeting facility for business. The meeting is often linked with a group Pitch and Putt activity. These gatherings can be combined with a lunch, dinner buffet or barbecue in the clubhouse area.

Pitch and Putt lessons are fully catered for. Instruction is by Karl Bergh, one of the top Pitch and Putt players in Groningen and in all of Holland. Another well-known member is Dutch international, Renze Hasper, former webmaster of the EPPA website.

Course Record holder at Groningen is Klaas Sie (Oostwold ) who shot a 43 on 16-08-05. That superb score has since been matched by Patrick Luning and Lennart Swennenhuis in 2007. Leading junior Robin de Grooth (Groningen) fired a 44 in 2008.

In an impressive show of sporting ecumenism, Season ticket holders at leading Dutch soccer team FC Groningen enjoy special playing privileges at Groningen Pitch and Putt.

Club addess is: Recreatiegebied Kardinge, Bieskemaar 10, 9735 AE Groningen. T: 050-3080123. F: 050-3080124