Course of the Month

October 2021

Trim, Ireland Ireland

Pitch and Putt in Trim has had something of a chequered history but the local club, in what was for many years Ireland's tidiest town (population approximately 10,000), has contributed richly to our sport in Co. Meath, Leinster and Ireland.

The first Trim course course was in Drinadaly (south-east of the town) from circa. 1950 – 1972. There were two courses (the land is now home to a thriving Business Park) at Scurlockstown from 1972 to 1981. Construction of the course around the famous Trim Castle (Ireland's largest Cambro-Norman stronghold) near the town centre started in 1980 and play officially started there in 1981.  Trim vacated that course in 1994 for the work to commence on the movie "Braveheart" - the famous battle scene (in the Mel Gibson epic) took place there.  The club then moved to a temporary course not far from the current location while the existing course was being negotiated with the local council and then for work to commence. In 1997, Trim started playing on the current course at Canty's Bottoms.  As the club now owns the land they are confident that there will no further moves.

Continuing the historical connections, the current Trim course is situated on Jonathan Swift Street, named for the acclaimed author of "Gulliver's Travels", who served as a Vicar in Trim (literally "Ford of the Elderflowers" in Irish) during the 18th century.

The famous River Boyne flows briskly near the boundary of the course. These days, the Boyne serves as a booming adventure centre, with many kayakers setting off from a launch point not far from Trim's 18th tee. 

Hole No. 1 at Trim measures 50 metres and is rated Index 2. The uphill pitch must find a green, which is perched on a ledge. Trim's 5th stretches to just 34 metres but the uphill pitch over a tree is rated Index 4. The tricky 7th is the most difficult hole on the course. The 17th requires a 40 metre pitch to a two-tier circular shaped green with a multiplicity of fall-off areas.  

Uphill and downhill shots are a feature of the Trim course as are the strategically placed trees and bushes dotted around the grounds.  Grassy mounds such as the one fronting the green on the 39 metre 18th (Index 16) are another characteristic of the Trim course. Green fees at Trim are an eminently reasonable €5.

Other nearby attractions are the Boynevista Coffee Dock and an impressive children's playground.