A word from our President

Victor Moscatel speaks


Who could imagine?? Years of work since Pitch & Putt became an organised sport, generations of players and volunteers looking to improve this exciting physical activity, young people playing together with old people without differences between them anyone can win and anyone can join with no difference of gender, age or colour, social inclusion with grass, trees, plants, rain or sun looking at us, nature proud of humans once in a life and then…. 


Empty courses, people at home, fear in our eyes, all of us trying to stop covid, trying to save our lives and our society and meanwhile our planet recover lifes, contamination decreases, animals recover their territories, vegetation growing around us…. Are we covid of nature? Are we killing our planet?

As FIPPA President I’m proud of you. I recognise your sacrifice of staying at home, closing doors to the virus and understanding that first we must be safe.

Now is the time to rediscover our lives, to rebuild our present, in order to build the best future, now it is time again for Pitch & Putt, for sport in the middle of nature, to respect nature in the same manner that we respect the sport, to play safely and to spread the benefits of our sport to everybody we know, to encourage them to practise moderate physical activity by playing Pitch & Putt and to do this in the middle of nature, socializing in a safe way.

Our International calendar is starting again. Different competitions are rescheduled in 2020 and others will be played in 2021. Our sport will continue to grow, our lives will continue but depend on us to keep safe.

Enjoy this wonderful life, enjoy nature, enjoy social connections and do all that playing Pitch & Putt!!!

Victor Moscatel
FIPPA President
July 2020


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