Five Nations International

Catalonia win final over France

The 2021 Five Nations international tournament was contested at the Ariege-Pyrenees course in south-west France. France and Catalonia shared the Sunday morning foursomes and the final was decided in the eight afternoon singles. The Catalans secured 5 and a half points in those singles to win over all by 7.5 matches to 4.5.

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Andorra and Galicia were tied on three foursomes each after morning play in the 3rd/4th/5th place play-off.  Andorra grabbed six and a half singles to claim third place with 9.5 Sunday points ahead of Galicia (7.5) and Basque (1).

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Catalonia won 3.5 points from the morning foursomes and 4 points from the subsequent greensomes to take a commanding lead early on. France won seven of their eight singles to claim a place in Sunday's final against Catalonia.

Final Saturday standings: Catalonia 12.5; France 11.5; Andorra 7.5; Galicia 5; Basque 3.5.

Saturday Fourballs:
Michel Espanol & Eric Biget (France) 4/3 v. Jon Luengas & Jon Ruiz (Basque)
Xavier Feliubadaló & Marc Isla (Andorra) 2&1 v. Daniel Fuentes & Jorge Sarmiento (Galicia)
Joan Valls & Jean-Philippe Bordes (Andorra) v. Josep Iglesias & David Diaz (Catalonia) 3&2
Yann Le Tallec & Frederic Muzard (France) A/S v. Amador Rodriguez & Manuel Amor (Catalonia) A/S
Pablo Múgica & Sergio Ipiña (Basque) A/S v. Gonzalo Mendoza & Pablo Pérez (Andorra) A/S
Jon Ander Ceanuri & Graham Cunningham (Basque) v. Barry Coomber & Joel Girbau (Catalonia) 4&3
José Carlos Pena & Iñaki Tudela (Galicia) v. Tomas Mendez & Roger Carot (Catalonia) 2&1
Damien Ducept & William Renoult (France) 8&6 v. Antoni Armengol & Josep Escabrós (Andorra)
José Ipiña & José Manuel Camuñas (Basque) v. Nacho Prada & Juan Carlos Surribas (Galicia) 6&4
Serge Buenaventes & Thierry Gendreau (France) 2&1 v. José A. Carvajales & Peter Mervin (Galicia)
Catalonia 3.5; France 3.5; Andorra 1.5; Galicia 1; Basque 0.5

Saturday Greensomes:
Jon Luengas & Jon Ruiz (Basque) 2&1 v. José Carlos Pena & Iñaki Tudela (Galicia) 
Michel Espanol & Eric Biget (France) v. Amador Rodriguez & Roger Carot (Catalonia) 2&1
Serge Buenaventes & Thierry Gendreau (France) v. Gonzalo Mendoza & Marc Isla (Andorra) 5&3
Jon Ander Ceanuri & Graham Cunningham (Basque) v. Xavier Feliubadaló & Joan Valls (Andorra) 3&2
Peter Mervin & Jorge Sarmiento (Galicia) 1 hole v. Yann Le Tallec & Frederic Muzard (France)
Nacho Prada & Juan Carlos Surribas (Galicia) A/S v.  Pablo Pérez & Jean-Philippe Bordes (Andorra) A/S
Pablo Múgica & Sergio Ipiña (Basque) 4&3 v. Antoni Armengol & Josep Escabrós (Andorra)
Tomas Mendez & David Diaz (Catalonia) 4&3 v. Damien Ducept & William Renoult (France) 
Daniel Fuentes & José A. Carvajales (Galicia) v. Josep Iglesias & Joel Girbau (Catalonia) 5&3
José Ipiña & José Manuel Camuñas (Basque) v. Barry Coomber & Manuel Amor (Catalonia) 6&5
Catalonia 4; Andorra 2.5; Galicia 1.5; Basque 1; France 1. 

Saturday Singles
Michel Espanol (France) 2&1 v. Daniel Fuentes (Galicia) Josep Iglesias (Catalonia) Won v Jean-Philippe Bordes (Andorra) 
Jon Ruiz (Basque) v. Joel Girbau (Catalonia) 9&7 Nacho Prada (Galicia) v. Gonzalo Mendoza (Andorra) 7&5
José Manuel Camuñas (Basque) v. Pablo Pérez (Andorra) Won William Renoult (France) 2&1 v. Tomas Mendez (Catalonia)
Iñaki Tudela (Galicia) v. Sergio Ipiña (Basque) Won Yann Le Tallec (France) 5&4 v. Josep Escabrós (Andorra)
Serge Buenaventes (France) 3&2 v. Joan Valls (Andorra) José Carlos Pena (Galicia) v. Jon Ander Ceanuri (Basque) Won
Juan Carlos Surribas (Galicia) A/S v. Antoni Armengol (Andorra) A/S Jose Ipiña (Basque) v. Roger Carot (Catalonia) Won
David Diaz (Catalonia) Won v. Xavier Feliubadaló (Andorra) Eric Biget (France) v. Jorge Sarmiento (Galicia) 4&3
Thierry Gendreau (France) 4&3 v. Graham Cunningham (Basque) José A. Carvajales v. Amador Rodriguez (Catalonia) Won
Peter Mervin (Galicia) Won v. Barry Coomber (Catalonia) Frederic Muzard (France) 3&2 v. Pablo Múgica (Basque)
Damien Ducept (France) 1 up v. Manuel Amor (Catalonia) Jon Luengas (Basque) v. Marc Isla (Andorra) 8&6
France 7; Catalonia 5; Andorra 3.5; Galicia 2.5; Basque 2

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The Catalan team is: Joel Girbau, Manuel Amor, Barry Coomber, David Diaz, Amador Rodriguez, Josep Iglesias, Tomas Mendez and Roger Carot. The team captain is Luis Fernandez.

The Andorra team is: Antoni Armengol Naudi, Gonzalo Mendoza Rodríguez, Jean-Philippe Bordes, Joan Valls Andiñach, Josep Escabrós Duró, Marc Isla Mateu, Pablo Pérez Sierra and Xavier Feliubadaló Moles. The Andorra side will be captained by Jose Manuel Veloso Domonte.

The Basque team is: Pablo Múgica, Sergio Ipiña, José Ipiña, Jon Ruiz, Graham Cunningham, José Manuel Camuñas, Jon Luengas and Jon Ander Ceanuri. 

The French team is: Eric Biget, Serge Buenaventes, Damien Ducept, Michel Espanol, Thierry Gendreau, Yann Le Tallec, Frederic Muzard and William Renoult.

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The tournament was last played at Ariege in 2016, when Catalonia defeated France in the final. France and Catalonia will be joined in the 2021 event by current holders Andorra, Basques and Galicia. 

See the event poster attached.

The Galician team is: Juan Carlos Surribas, Peter Mervin, José Carlos Pena, Jorge Sarmiento, Nacho Prada, José A. Carvajales, Daniel Fuentes and Iñaki Tudela.




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