Helen Angel - a fourth Australian Ladies Open title

Helen Angel was understandably elated when a closing round of 53 at Canberra International clinched a win at her national open. "I was extremely pleased to win the Australian Open. It is always such an amazing feeling succeeding in what I love."  

It's win no. 4 at the event for Helen in seven stagings and it's obviously a source of great satisfaction. "Playing Pitch and Putt is always very challenging and exciting for me, and to win a fourth title was the best feeling ever." 

Hard work has reaped that reward of four Australian Open wins (and a third place) since 2012. "I play 2-3 games of Pitch and Putt plus a game of golf every week. I believe repetition and practice are the keys to my success." 

We wondered if a Sunday pairing with her nearest challengers (June Drury and Sandra Hutchison) was helpful?  "I don't feel like I had any advantage over the other ladies, as we all try very hard to do our best." 

Helen's sub-par second and third rounds were in stark contrast to her opening 58. "I think my first round was affected by nerves and really wanting to do well or maybe even not warming up correctly before starting. I am not entirely sure, but glad I got over the hurdle by the second round!" That two under par 52 second eighteen brought Helen right back into contention (only a single stroke behind Sandra heading into the last round) and although June Drury closed with a 52 of her own, Sandra posted 163 overall to win by two strokes.

Clearly our sport holds a strong appeal for Helen Angel. "Pitch and Putt means a lot to me as I really enjoy the short game. Every game you play is different to the last and there is always a new goal to strive for, whether that be daily, weekly or monthly. I have met a lot of wonderful people over the years through the game and made many friends. Playing Pitch and Putt also helps with my short game for golf and you get to experience many different courses around the country - even the world."

Whether it's Wagga Wagga or Waverley (either involving round trips of hundreds of kilometres) next November, Helen Angel will be there. "I am always up for a challenge so will definitely be travelling to defend my title!"