World Cup Facts and Figures

As the VII World Cup year looms, it is timely to take a look at the key Facts and Figures from past stagings.

2008, 2012, 2016 champions Ireland boast most team wins with three.

Two is the highest number of wins by an Individual. This distinction is shared by four players - Marc Lloret (Catalonia), 2004, 2006, Ray Murphy (Ireland), 2008, 2012, John Ross Crangle (Ireland), 2012, 2016 and John Walsh (Ireland), 2012, 2016.

The low team qualifying score was Ireland’s 32 under par 238 at Royal Meath in 2012.

World Cup 2008 saw the best Qualifying Score by an individual when Patrick Luning (Netherlands) toured Papendal in 93.

Two players have racked-up most Matchplay wins overall  - Rolf Kwant (Netherlands) and Marc Lloret (Catalonia) with sixteen apiece.

Most foursomes victories have been accumulated by Steve Deeble (Great Britain) with six while Marc Lloret’s (Catalonia) twelve singles wins are top.

Nobody has halved more matches overall than Patrick Luning (Netherlands) with four.

Seven players can claim a 100% Record in a single World Cup. Paul O'Brien (Ireland) won six matches from six in 2008 as did Tony Eder (Norway).Ray Murphy (Ireland) won all of his six matches at Royal Meath in 2012 while three players were blemish-free at Andorra 2016 - Gonzalo Mendoza (of the host country, Enric Sanz (Catalonia) and Claudio Naiaretti (Switzerland). Claudio’s compatriot Ueli Lamm (Switzerland) won four matches from four at Teia in 2006. 

Steve Deeble (Great Britain) played in the '04, '06, '08, '12, '16 World Cups to hold the record for most appearances with five.

Patrick Luning (Netherlands) carded 45 in 2008 to set the low first 18 in Strokeplay, a mark matched by John Ross Crangle (Ireland), with his nine under par effort at Xixerella in 2016.

The low second 18 in Strokeplay remains John Walsh’s (Ireland) superb 44 at Royal Meath in 2012.