Benedikt Muff - thoughts of Switzerland's national champion was delighted to get the reflections of Swiss champion Benedikt Muff. Benedikt, who scored 80 for 27 holes to win the 2019 Swiss strokeplay at Rottal, finished ninth on -14 in the 2017 World Strokeplay championship at Imjelt.

  • How does it feel to be Swiss National Pitch and Putt champion?

I am indeed extremely proud even though I did not play as strong as last year. Still I managed to defend the title and look forward to next year’s championship.

  • What were the key components of your victory?

I managed to get through without making serious mistakes. Thanks to my caddie who helped me overcoming nervousness and little crises.

  • How well do you know the Rottal course?

We played that course several times over the last few years and it always was a great pleasure. I strongly recommend practising there before playing a competition there for the first time. It is as tricky as beautiful in Rottal.

  • What were conditions like on the day of the Swiss championship?

Even though it was already autumn it felt like summer and it was a beautiful day. The course was even better than we expected (and the expectations were high). Many thanks to Leo Muff and his team who did an excellent job.

  • What are your next ambitions in Pitch and Putt?

I am focusing  on the winter season’s championship (it is a series of 7 tournaments from September through April) in my home club City Golf Basel Bachgraben ( and its exciting matchplay series.

  • How is Pitch and Putt progressing in Switzerland?

Unfortunately there still is a lot of prejudice from “real golfers” but we put a lot of hope in the newly created Swiss Pitch and Putt Federation (SPPF) and its highly motivated delegates. At City Golf Basel Bachgraben we are making quite an effort to increase the popularity of Pitch and Putt.

  • Will Switzerland be represented at the 2020 World Cup of Pitch and Putt?

I strongly hope so but the journey to Chile is quite a way to go.