Victor Rodriguez - looks ahead to the Galicia Open

FIPPA Board member and AGPPA Supremo Victor Rodriguez is optimistic concerning the 2020 Galicia Open, which is planned for 3/5 July. "About the III Open of Galicia we believe it will be a success, since in addition to the characteristics of the course, we are organizing other parallel activities to make the competition more attractive."
The new host venue is singled out for high praise by Victor. "It will be played at Pozo Do Lago Pitch and Putt, a course of wide greens requiring a variety of strokes, good fun to play."
No Galician has ever won the Galicia Open. Jorge Rodriguez Sarmiento was third in 2012. while Juan Carlos Iglesias Surribas (second) and Marcos Gomez Dominguez (third) claimed top three places in 2014. But Victor is bullish about the prospects of local players in 2020. "The best Galician players are confirmed for this tournament, so the chances of the title staying in Galicia are high."