Ladies glory at Otake - Ami Kumazawa (English and Japanese)

Ami Kumazawa may be only a recent convert to Pitch and Putt but that did not prevent the Japanese player from claiming the honours at the recent Japanese Open at Otake. The delighted 19-year-old gave this reaction to

Q. You must be very pleased to win the first ever Japanese International Pitch and Putt Open?
A. I am very happy that I was able to participate in the first Pitch and Putt tournament held in Japan and to be top female player in the commemorative tournament.

Q. It was very close between you and Yuri Onishi?
A. Ms. Onishi was in the former group on the final day, so I watched her playing carefully while I was playing my round.

Q. Was there a particular turning point during the final round?
A. During the tournament, I was not good at the 14th hole on the course, but, on the final round, I was able to save a par. I think it was a turning point.

Q. Did you get an opportunity to practise on the Otake course in advance of the Open?
A. I was able to practice only once on the day before the tournament. As I had never played at the Otake short course, I felt the difficulties with the course very much.

Q. Your impressions of the foreign players - Maria Amparo Francisco, Conchi Carballo, Pilar Montero?
A. About the foreign players, I was surprised to see various ages of female players playing, and also surprised that the number of female player was as same as male players. To my astonishment, they looked like hitting lightly, but the ball was landed on so close to the pin.

Q. For how long have you played Pitch and Putt?
A. About 1 month.

Q. Is it your intention to travel abroad to play Pitch and Putt in the future?
A. By all means, I would like to participate abroad.

Q. What are your ambitions in Pitch and Putt?
A. I would like to expand the Pitch and Putt in Japan with this opportunity, and I would like to become overall winner in the next tournament.

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