Amador and Gloria - record breakers

Amador Rodriguez and Gloria Ruiz were in record breaking form at the 2019 Catalan Open.

Amador's closing 45 at Portal del Roc is the lowest ever final round by a winner in the Catalan Open. Jordi Saborit fired a 45 on Sunday last year but he finished in fourth place.

After her victories at Sant Cebria in 2018 and at Vallromanes a year ago, Gloria became the first player ever to win three Catalan Ladies Opens in a row. Abby Nachson has won three Catalan Ladies Opens but her successes came in 2011, 2012 and 2014. 

Amador finished on the Catalan Open podium for the fourth consecutive year. Second in the Senior Open to Pacelli Darcy at Roc 3 in 2016, Amador won the senior event in 2017 and in 2018 (when he finished third overall) before his 16 under par tour de force at Portal del Roc. 

Gloria's next quest will undoubtedly be a bid to also complete a three-in-a-row at the Andorra Open later in the year .