Esther de Schiffart - Celebrating Shared Success

The ever-burgeoning résumé of Esther de Schiffart gained another paragraph in August 2020 with her latest win at the Dutch Open. Here are Esther's thoughts on that event, which also saw an impressive showing from her partner, Maurits Rangkouw. (Q.) Did you find it difficult to maintain your concentration on Sunday given that you were so many strokes ahead?

Esther de Schiffart (A.) Yes it was difficult. Before we started the Dutch Open I had expected it would be closer but after the two rounds on Saturday it wasn't. 12 strokes is a lot. On Sunday,I tried to focus on the gents but it is really difficult to focus on that and not be able to follow it.... I think I tried too hard on Sunday so that is a lesson for me as well. 

Q. You and Maurits are very supportive of each other. You must be delighted with how he performed in the Matchplay warm-up and in the tournament itself?   

A. Yes that was great! He had good chances in the Matchplay final but didn't make the putt on the first play-off hole against Rolf.  But it was an excellent performance and  he also had chances on Sunday. I'm delighted when he plays a good game. I always wish him the very best and most of the time even more than myself. He always supports me and it is absolutely fantastic that we can do this together. 

Q. You were just three strokes behind Rolf and Marcel on Saturday night. Did you think you could challenge for the overall open?

A. As I said before, I did try to focus on that. After Saturday I was in fact close and was in 3rd position overall. I knew with a good performance on Sunday I could stay in that position. You would expect that Marcel and Rolf would do better on Sunday than Saturday but I had good chances for that 3rd place. That's where I tried too hard Sunday and was too focussed. So I'm learning in every tournament!

Q. Femke Brussen is new name to those of us outside the Netherlands. Tell us a little about her game.

A. Femke is playing for a couple of years now and she likes the game a lot! She is very relaxed and plays a steady game. She plays in most of the tournaments in the Netherlands and I think she played once or twice in the International Pairs in Spain. She plays, just like me, together with her boyfriend; it's nice to have the same passion for the game! I think it is the first time that she made the stage in this kind of tournament so that's a very good boost for her.

Q. What is the next Pitch and Putt challenge for Esther de Schiffart?

A. Lots of challenges are out there for me! In the Netherlands I play in the gents' section. Last year I had two 2nd places and a 3rd place at the National Matchplay. But to win one is definitely on my list. Also a world championship would be very nice to add and I would love to play some competitions in Ireland in the future. But you never know what will happen and what lies ahead in the future, so enjoying the moment is the biggest challenge!