Marcel Ahuis - Dutch Open delight at Oirschot was delighted to get some comments from Marcel Ahuis in the wake of his victory at the Dutch Open. (Q.) How much of an honour is it for you to win the Dutch Open?

Marcel Ahuis (MH): It is a really big honour to win the biggest tournament in the Netherlands. I have seen Rolf (Kwant) win a couple of times and it has become a mission for me to win also. Mainly because I finished second a couple of times.

Q. Did you expect to win?

MH: No, because there are always really good Irish and Catalan players coming over to play the Dutch Open.

Q. The win in the pre-tournament Matchplay event at Oirschot must have been a great boost?

MH: Yes, it was a great boost for me, especially because I won against Rolf in the final.

Q. You have been runner-up in Opens previously to top players like Ray Murphy and Rolf Kwant. You must have learned a lot from those experiences?

MH: That is true. But I learned the most from Rolf to always be patient and stay calm.

Q. Is your win at Oirschot diminished in any way by the fact that Amador produced a lower score?

MH: No, because the organisation said to me that Amador registered as a senior and would not play in the final flight. So I focussed on the gents behind me. My strategy was to play defensively, because I had a lead of 5 shots. If I had to play Amador I could not play defensively. And I think he had a bit more tension to play against me. He is a great player so I look forward to play against him in the Catalan Open next year. 

Q. What is your opinion of the Oirschot course?

MH: I think it is a great course. Firm undulating greens are the best in my opinion. The people there are also really great to be around.

Q. How well do you know the course?

MH: I played the couse a few times but not often. The course is two hours from my house.

Q. Tell us about that first round 45?

MH: The first 6 holes (11-16) were birdies, 17 was a bogey and 18 another birdie. In the next ten holes, I missed a lot of oppurtunities to make birdie, but I was delighted with the 45, of course.

Q. What is next for Marcel Ahuis in Pitch and Putt? Domestically in the Netherlands? Internationally?

MH: On 1st September we have the last national ranking tournament at Orvelte before the National Strokeplay championship  at Papendal. And internationally, I think the Catalan Open will be the first tournament for me.