Einar Otto - Preparations for a second Norwegian Open

We were delighted to catch up with Einar Otto, who runs the Bryne Kro & Hotel in Norway with his sister Liv Anne. The Bryne Kro & Hotell complex will host the II Norwegian Open in May. (Q.) How are preparations progressing for the Norwegian Open?

Einar Otto (A.) We are very happy to be in a position to invite you to the II Norwegian Open from May 11-12, 2019. This is the first international tournament that we have organized, and we have made some small changes to our course for the tournament. In addition, we have created a new practice green so that players can assess the conditions and prepare for their rounds.

Q. Tell us a little about the Bryne Kro & Hotel?

A. Bryne Kro and Hotel Pitch and Putt course is one of the shorter courses in a Pitch and Putt context. That doesn't mean it's an easy course. We also have relatively large greens, but with plateaux and undulations, the challenges can be great. The course is located on the hotel grounds and therefore is directly connected to the hotel.

Q. Describe the Bryne Kro and Hotel Pitch and Putt course?

A. I'll do better than that. Here's a detailed description from Bernt Kristian Nerland, local player and former Norwegian champion.

Q. What will the weather be like in the Stavanger/Bryne region during May?

A. The weather can vary greatly since we are in the west, but we rarely have any hard and cold winters and therefore we have little snow. We normally open the season in March / April and this year it will probably be in early March after a mild winter. In recent years, we have had many good days in May with a temperature of 20 degrees, although the average may be between 14-16 degrees.

Q. What can visitors to the Open expect?

A. By staying with us at Bryne Kro & Hotell you also get access to one of the district's favourite restaurants. From the hotel terrace you can enjoy a view of almost the entire well-kept course. With the combination of hotel, restaurant, bar and Pitch and Putt course, the place is ideal for such events and also promotes the social spectrum of Pitch and Putt. We focus on high quality service and want everyone to be happy when they visit us. We have reserved the entire hotel for the weekend of the II Norwegian Open and hope the intending participants can book early and let us know their planned arrival dates. I look forward to seeing you in Norway

Q. How strong is Pitch and Putt in Western Norway?

A. Pitch and Putt has grown very strongly in the west. Despite the fact that Pitch and Putt is a small sport in Norway, we have established a good environment with many eager players. The recruitment is good also in the club, as new players join each year.

Q. Dutch, Irish and Catalan players (in addition to Norwegians) participated in the 2010 Norwegian Open at Imjelt. I’d imagine you will be hoping for an improvement in that entry level?

A. For the II Norwegian Open tournament we hope to achieve the maximum starting field. We have set up for a field of 80 players and expect this to be filled up. We also hope that more than half of these will come from the various member nations in FIPPA, otherwise in Europe. There is also great interest among the Norwegian players and I know that all of the best Norwegian players will be in the tournament.

Q. Do you play Pitch and Putt yourself?

A. I even play Pitch and Putt on a regular basis. Like many of our other members I combine both Pitch and Putt and regular golf.